Focal Speakers

Here at Lotts Auto Stereo we have a large inventory of Focal Speakers for several reasons. Reason number one: they sound amazing!  The sound quality of Focal speakers have to be heard to be fully appreciated.  If you are interested in hearing all the detail in your music that you may have been missing, come in and give them a listen.

Focal speakers are designed to handle the wattage generated by today’s powerful amplifiers which make them crystal clear, even when the volume is cranked.  Focal makes several models in various price ranges starting with the Focal Access line of more affordable models, next, the Focal Polyglass lineup offers a step up in performance and includes speakers for extremely shallow mounting situations.  The serious audiophiles are going to love the Focal K2 Power series and if you want the absolute best, you need to check out the Focal Utopia Be for the ultimate in sound quality and clarity.

Focal Utopia, K2Power and Polyglass Speakers

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