Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kits

Tired of fumbling with your phone while driving, or even worse, ever get one of those distracted driving tickets? At Lotts Auto Stereo we install Bluetooth handsfree car kits by Parrot USA that take away the temptation to pick up that call and pray you don’t get caught. Parrot car kits for your cell phone allow you to access your phone’s contacts and can even mute your stereo when you place or receive a call. They also have voice control, even if your phone does not. We can install your system in a convenient place that does not distract from your car’s esthetics and style. Come in and get a hands on demo anytime.

Parrot Hands Free Car KitBluetooth Hands-Free-KitParrot Bluetooth Car Kit











Parrot Bluetooth Kit InstalledHandsfree Bluetooth Car Kit